Robin Burnett

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Oil paintings of wind turbines and isolated, rural landscapes created as somewhat three dimensional images on wood blocks or canvas; often grouped as multiple panels to create a panorama or to juxtapose details of the broader landscape.

Born Robin Ballard in Newmarket Ontario, Robin’s creativity was encouraged from an early age through parental support with access to materials, classes and a lot of exposure to the natural environment. 

She went on to study visual arts at the University of Guelph, where she spent four sleep deprived years developing her conceptual and technical skills, focusing on painting and photography.

 After university she travelled throughout Australia and New Zealand, experiencing some of their most beautiful natural areas, as well as exploring their art galleries and gaining an appreciation for their relationship with the environment.  She first experienced wind turbines, by the sea, in the Lake District while travelling in England and Scotland.  She lived briefly in Scotland’s Royal Deeside, where she married, adopting the surname Burnett, before returning to live in Newmarket.  Return visits to Scotland’s countryside offer a continued source of inspiration, and images of Deeside appear throughout her work, mixed with isolated Georgian Bay landscapes and rural scenes of central Ontario.

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